Saturday, January 20, 2018

Making the PickSome solution clearer and providing faster access to duels

We're really happy to welcome ever more trivia gamers to Quizcover and to see in our statistics that the average number of questions played per user per day is in the 40-50 range! That is definitely more than we expected and speaks to the game's addictiveness.

So far we haven't advertised the game very aggressively (just limited experiments) because we're working on a playable ad (preview) as well as a couple of improvements to the app itself:

  1. Some people believe there are mistakes in our questions only because of a misunderstanding of how PickSome scoring works. We'll change the game to avoid those misconceptions going forward.

    PickSome (multiple answers are right) is one of the question types that Quizcover offers above and beyond the traditional "PickOne" (one answer is right). Here's an example:

    "Which of these countries still have the British 'Union Jack' on their own flag?"

    The countries listed are Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, and Ireland. Tow of them do: Australia and New Zealand. The other three don't.

    As the related Wikia page explains, the rule is that you get points for each item that you correctly select (such as for selecting Australia or New Zealand) and--which we're going to change--the ones you correctly don't select. For example, not selecting Canada also earns you points so far (January 20), and the idea was that your decision not to select it was a correct one, so it should be rewarded. After all, we must deduct points if you selected something you shouldn't have selected, or if you didn't select something though you should have. So it seemed far that you also got two chances to earn points: by selecting (where appropriate), and by not selecting (where appropriate).

    If you select a button, it turns orange. If you leave it unselected, it stays gray. So for the gray ones (the ones you didn't think are part of the correct answer to the question), there were two possible reactions by the game at scoring time:

    The part that people usually understood was the red X on "New Zealand": New Zealand's flag does sport the "Union Jack" in the upper left corner, so a failure to select New Zealand is undoubtedly a mistake.

    What apparently confused a number of people is that, in the above example, Canada gets a green checkmark even though its Maple Leaf flag doesn't contain the Union Jack. That's because a green checkmark on a gray button means: you made the right call by not selecting it. But we realize that this is counterintuitive and sometimes misinterpreted. It was actually possible to obtain clarification by clicking on the scorecard icon in the upper right-hand corner:

    The scorecards explain the four different PickSome scenarios: correct orange items; incorrect orange items; correct gray items; and incorrect gray items.

    But clarity and intuitiveness are of the essence, so we're just going to change this aspect of our game. Gray buttons that are correctly left gray won't earn you points, and they won't get checkmarks or any other symbol. They'll just fade out.
  2. Most of our efforts these days are going into the multiplayer part. The most recent change we made is that you can now play all of your 12 duel questions in a row without having to wait for your opponent. In a forthcoming update, you'll have to hit a button on the home screen and you'll be off playing a random duel. You'll get to start even before your opponent has been found. We know that some people who really like to play Quizcover against others felt that the feature was almost hidden. Very soon it's going to get prominent exposure.


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