Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Press release: Quizcover revolutionizes trivia gaming with more and better question types


Available on the U.S.App Store now:
Quizcover revolutionizes trivia gaming
with more and better question types

Knowledge is more playable than ever: on top of the traditional "Pick One" question type, Quizcover comes with the new, more interactive and more flexible "Pick Some" and "Match Two" types, and integrates this level of diversity into a rich framework of contests and challenges.

January 3, 2018 – Available for iOS on the U.S. App Store now, Quizcover innovates the most fundamental aspects of trivia gaming:
  • how the game presents questions,
  • how players enter their answers,
  • how the answers are evaluated, and
  • what kinds of help players can get from boosters. 
Trivia games have always been popular, but other products lacked the level of diversity Quizcover provides. Besides the traditional trivia question type (one answer is right, three are wrong), Quizcover offers two question types that are more engaging, put related facts into context, and earn players points even with partially correct answers:
  • Pick Some: multiple answers to the same question (such as multiple Super Bowl MVPs or Oscar winners)
  • Match Two: form pairs (such as "California–Sacramento" or "Democratic–John F. Kennedy") 

Quizista, the indie games company that spent more than three years to change trivia gaming forever, integrated Quizcover's three question types into a rich framework of contests and challenges:
  • points and levels;
  • duels with friends (invitations via Facebook, email, messenger services) and random opponents;
  • rankings of different levels of granularity (from worldwide to city, from all-time to daily);
  • streaks (series of questions on which a user scored at least one point each) and superstreaks (series of questions on which a user scored all winnable points);
  • achievements; and
  • personal records.
True to its slogan ("Fun time well spent."), Quizcover also has something to offer to those players who are keenly interested in acquiring knowledge along the way or whose curiosity is sparked by a name or term that comes up in the game: info texts that appear after questions, and bookmarkable links (typically several links per question).

"Quizcover is a whole new experience for those of us who like to play with facts and knowledge but dislike the monotony of old-fashioned trivia games," said Florian Mueller, Quizista's founder and CEO. "From the outset we wanted to redefine the genre and revolutionize our microcosm the way the iPhone did in its infinitely larger field ten years ago." Mueller is named in the credits of three of the most successful computer game franchises in history: Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo. He is also known to many in the iOS community by virtue of his FOSS Patents blog, which covers intellectual property, antitrust and policy matters involving Apple and other mobile device makers.

At this stage, Quizcover's content is primarily tailored to a U.S. audience and people around the globe with a strong interest in everything American. Over time, users in different regions of the world will see different selections of content.

Quizcover is a free-to-play app. Premium offerings are optionally available: real-world money can be converted into in-game coins and then be spent on boosters, retries, or skips. Avid gamers can also take a VIP subscription (one free booster per question) and/or Second Chance subscription (one free retry per question). The game also provides free boosters to users as part of its tutorial, for reaching higher levels, and as a reward for inviting friends or visiting the game's Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

Quizista invented the customer-friendly Booster Back mechanism (see, which ensures that Quizcover users get an immediate booster refund if they fail to score on a question despite having used boosters. They can then use those boosters on other questions. Quizista would like to encourage other game makers to adopt the same approach.

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For a comparison between Quizcover and the two trivia game apps that led the U.S. App Store charts in earlier years, please check out the following document (PDF):

Quizcover product website:

For further information, please contact Quizista:


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