Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Starting the Quizcover Blog

On this blog you will find
  • news and announcements relating to the Quizcover mobile app (initially available for iOS; an Android version will follow in 2018) and
  • thoughts on mobile games in general and the trivia game genre in particular.
What we try to achieve with Quizcover is nothing short of a revolution of the trivia quiz genre. By adding more and more question types (while also supporting the traditional PickOne type, where one answer is right and three are wrong), we intend to make knowledge more playable than ever and to put an end to the monotony of conventional trivia games that only have one question type (one answer is right, three are wrong).

We want Quizcover to set a new standard for infotainment, and we mean both parts of the word:
  • "info": after many questions, explanations are provided; and almost all questions come with one or (typically) multiple links to Wikipedia (which you can bookmark and read later)
  • "(enter)tainment": more than anything, we want Quizcover to be a game that offers more tactical options (new boosters) than traditional trivia games and comes with the most comprehensive set of contests and challenges.
Stay tuned as we're getting ready to launch Quizcover in the U.S. market. At this stage, the content of the game is very U.S.-centric especially in such fields as sports, geography, and history/politics (though we'll increasingly differentiate our content by region).